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Monday, 23 August 2010

♥ 10 Fashion Questions (Tag) ♥

So this was originally a Youtube tag, but I thought it would be cool to do it on my blog!

1. What is your favourite accessories?
My favourite accessories are huge over sized bags and statement rings.

2. Who's your role model? (in real life and YT life)
I dont really have a role model as such but i do really like,
Victoria Beckam, Kelly Brook, Alex Curran, and Rhianna's Style,
Ive got quite a few fav youtube gurus but not role models. 

3. What do you always carry with you?
My purse/cash , my mobile phone, deodorant/perfume, comb, mirror,
Lip balm/gloss,wet wipes,my uumbrella if its raining,

4. What would you describe your fashion style as?
Different depending on the occasion,weather and my mood 
but casual comfy laid back girly with an edge

5. Favourite: jeans, sunglasses, heels?
My favourite shoe's right now are wedges and peep toe shoe boots see me earlier post.
My favourite sunglasses are over sized square type with leopard print arms.
My fav jeans at the moment are faded black skinnys from river island

6. What inspired you to make fashion a blog?
Seeing other people's outfit post's and a magazine article and wanted to
share my bargain buys out fit posts and some handy tips i've learned along the way.

7. What is your favourite fashion store/shop?
I really love River Island, Top Shop and New Look

8. What is your favourite fabric in clothing?
Denim, leather, faux fur,

9. Who is your favourite designer?
Marc Jacobs, French Connection & Henry Holland

10. Who/what inspires your fashion?
The streets,magazines, celebrities, my MOOD, the weather, the occasion, runways,
anything beautiful,

Cara x


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I love the tag

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