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Saturday, 28 August 2010


Oh my god I've been browsing ebay for the last 3 1/2 hours, I've ended up buying lots of great bargains and now owe a small fortune to the sellers i really do think I'm addicted because once i start looking and buying i just can't stop this isn't a one off either i usually do this around once a week sometimes more, tonight I've bought things i wouldn't normally buy and ended up spending over £65 which is alot considering I'm buying it just from the sellers photos and description without seeing it properly or trying it on and many sellers don't accept returns, i have noticed though i usually end up paying more for postage than the actual item which is a shame because all the extra money I'm spending on postage i could be buying something extra.
now i just can't wait for the post man to knock at my door with my new goodies i always joke that everyday feels like it's Christmas, well when the parcel's arrive that is.
i dont know about you guy's but when i buy something off the internet i get really impatient and want it to arrive straight away especially when the seller's description says 1st class and you pay a high p+p price but then it takes age's to arrive i really hate that it really gets on my nerves.
here's a few of the things I've bought  I'm not going to show all of the items as id be here all night so ill show you the rest once they arrive. dont forget to let me know what you think of my new bargain buy's.

blue n white nautical style jumper/dress £3:90  new with tags

peach jumper £1.85
red short sleeve jacket £1:75
black boyfriend blazer £6:75 new with tags
nautical dress £4:45 new with tags
white long sleeve jumper £1:04
black n silver v neck £2.95 new with tags

black ankle strap wedges £1:25
brown wedges £3:65 brand new

faux fur cropped gilet/shrug £4:99

I also bought some costume jewellery (rings n necklaces) oh and some pretty hair clips you'll see them in my up coming outfit posts, please let me know what you think about my new bargain buy's, tell me what you do or dont like and were the prices good did i get a bargain, i love hearing your comments and always try to reply to as many as possible,
Please rember that these prices dont include the postage and packing costs.

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Cara xoxo

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Dhalia said...

I love ebay as well...and YES it can be very addictive.