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Monday, 23 August 2010

My New Blazer - Outfit Post

Thought id post a picture of my new navy blue blazer, I was planning on wearing it today as i had a little bit of shopping to do but as usual it started raining before i went so ill try and wear it one day this week.

It's from Marks & Spencer its an over sized navy blue nautical type it has gold buttons with anchors on them there really cute oh and nice big shoulder pads, its also made of good quality wool fabric so keeps its shape well the only bad thing is its dry clean only.
When i wear it I'm planning on turning the cuffs to make it 3/4 sleeve I'm also planning of buying a cute pin badge/broach to pin near the top maybe on the breast or collar just to give it more of a personal touch.
I'll wear it with skinny jeans platform boots and maybe a nice scarf if its cold or if the weathers ok a cute dress and wedges.

Im not wearing it as it is just put it on so my bf could the pic.


Hidero_Vanny said...

Love your jacket! You look nice! :D

Cara - british sreet fashion said...

Thank you so much.