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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

My Shoe Challenge

As i love shoe's so much ive given myself a challenge to have 50 pairs of shoe's by christmas it doesn't matter what type of shoe they are as long as i really like them and not just buying them for the sake of it.
It doesn't matter what make they are, how much they cost or where there from and they have to be new not second hand,
I cannot include trainers or wellies. so any other shoes is ok high heel's platform's wedge's pump's sandals boot's.
Ive already got 29 pair's but atleast 9 of them ive bought recently with it being summer i needed some new sandal's and pump's. I  binned 4 pair's only a few week's ago because i'd had them a while and they were dropping to bits and i hate keeping shoe's that look shabby.
So i need 21 pairs in just over 4 month's im gonna try my best to complete this challenge so i'll be looking out for bargain's in shop's on the high street and on ebay as ive bought shoes from there before for bargain price's  i got a lovley pair 3 week's ago of ebay that i paid £1.04 that's the lowest ive ever paid.

Red wedges square toe £15 from ebay
Here's a few photo's of shoe's ive bought recently or already own, some of my fav's.
These are more purple with a wedge and cost £1:04 from ebay
Tan strappy wedges £4:50 ebay
Laced heeled grey gladiator's £9 ebay
The price's dont iinclude p+p but they were all brand new either in box or with tag's as i never buy second hand shoe's. The photo's dont really show the colours very good as im still using my mobile phone.

Every time i buy new shoe's ill take photo's of them then add a few all at once and if i complete my challenge and get the whole 50 pair's i'll add a photo of the whole collection.


meelusha said...

lovely idea and I bet you love every second of this challenge :) I plan to count all my shoes for a very long time now, but haven't got there yet! Looking forward to seeing all your pairs

Hugs, Meelusha
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Anonymous said...

i love this challenge and will be following it, keep the photos coming

Haidée said...

love the cute shoes so cool xx


Madeline Weber said...

these shoes are actually adorable!
i may challenge myself as well now, i need 50 pairs of shoes!

thanks for the comment, following you!

Anonymous said...

may i please have a private party reservation with lots of whipped creamy cake on the menu. how much will it cost me?

NONE said...

please follow me meelusha. i really love your blog and i want to stay connected

Gabriella said...

A shoe challenge, sounds like fun! Good luck! :)
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Bella said...

O..M..G !!

50 pairs of shoes !!!! I just can't beleive it !!

Where do you store all this?! I think I only have 5 pairs LOL

Keep us posted!