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Sunday, 15 August 2010


Well i thought I'd add a couple of new photo's of the shoe's i bought this week the pictures aren't great as i still haven't bought a new digi camera and my mobile phone camera isn't up to much.
This week i haven't been able to go out shopping much as Ive been pretty busy, buy yesterday i did end up going into town i only had enough time to go in a few shop's but i still managed to spend my money as i also bought some new jumper's a couple of Set's of pyjama's and of course shoe's.
Blue Wedge Strappy Sandals £15 inc P+P Ebay new in box,
the blue is more brighter than the pic.
But I've also been browsing websites mostly looking for bargains on Ebay.

Pink Wedge's £16 Select,
 these i actually bought a few month's ago but i totally forgot about them.
These Tan Platforms were £12 from International.

Shoe Storage.
I keep all of my shoes in clear plastic shoe boxes and I've noticed when i take the shoes out the can look squashed well until i put them on my feet then there fine but the boxes are great for keeping dust of them also as there clear its easy to find the shoes your looking for , the only downside is my boots don't fit into them but you can buy clear boot boxes but i don't buy them i usually keep my boots in the original boxes or leave them standing up .
I'd recommend buying these boxes if you have lots of shoes or don't have the original box or if you just want to keep the shoes dust free i pay £1.79 for 2 boxes the boot boxes are around the same price but you only get1 box.
Ive seen them on Ebay but they cost a lot more plus p+p and they are no better quality wise.


Anonymous said...

love your new shoe's those tan platforms were a bargain i think there so cute. cant wait 2 see what you wear with these.

Cara - british sreet fashion said...

Thanks for the sweet comment.
Im going to start doing outfit posts as soon as ive got a new camera as my mobile phone cam just isn't good enough.


Rai said...

Hi, thanks for the comments you've been leaving on my blog - and I do appreciate them - but some of the opinions you have been leaving come across as a teensy bit too critical - I understand you sometimes don't like what I wear but I am not asking for advice, just posting what I have already worn. Saying that, advice is sometimes welcome but there are nicer ways of saying things. I like the keep my blog a positive place, and I would never leave negative comments on someone's blog myself! By the way, you've made a good start with your own blog and I particularly like the blue wedges, it would be good to see them on your feet! x

jamie-lee said...

i love that you bought such different coloured shoes - i always tend to buy the same neutral tones! x

Cara - british sreet fashion said...

Rai sorry if you thought i was being mean in your blog, i didn't want it 2 come across like that i was just trying 2 b honest unlie some people because you are beautiful n have fab legs n those cycling shorts didn't flatter your legs. i do love n follow your blog n hope mine becomes as good someday.

Rai said...

Hi Cara - thanks for the nice comment I know where you're coming from now, I *may* have over exagerrated a bit because I've been getting a lot of nasty hater comments lately, thanks for making things clearer. I'm following you now and I'm looking forward to seeing how your blog progresses x

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

I'd love pretty shoe boes. I'm so bad, I just shove all my expensive shoes at the bottom of my wardrobe, oh dear!

Great blog, we'll definitely back! Come follow TBAG if you fancy.


Victoria said...

Hey cool blog, where do you get the shoes boxes from?

If you get chance please take a look at my blog Thank you xxx

pearl said...

love the platforms!