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Friday, 27 August 2010

Tuesday Outfit Post

For some strange reason i haven't been dressing up much for the last week, but then again i haven't been out much either mainly lazying around at home doing nothing but watching day time TV and eating lots of chocolate n sweets (depressing) i know, anyway on Tuesday me and my bf were going over his mams to sleep for a couple of days and as we had to get a bus there i ended up just wearing some indigo jeggings and a v neck jumper and because we had to cope sitting on a bus for over an hour i didn't even put make up on not like me at all so i just left my hair in a very loose pony put my sun glasses on a a pair of foldable butterflies pumps,
We had a great time over my bf's mams i ended up going shopping and bought some new necklaces bangles a nice chunky cream cardie, my favourite buy was a long pewter coloured necklace with a cute owl pendant which i got for £2:50 from primark so a real bargain aswell, while i was shopping i was hoping to find a decent digital camera as I'm still using my mobile i did see lots but they were to expensive and i really want a good one as i always believe you only get what you pay for n hopefully it'll last me a long time.

anyway here's a couple of photos sorry about the quality.

pink/peach v neck jumper ebay  indigo jeggings £8 primark
pink chunky bangle Dorothy Perkins £4 last year
my sunglasses £12 half price Debenhams
 they have leopard print arms n i love them
bought  my Sunny's ages ago now.

   these are the butterfly shoes/pumps
         when there folded so you can fit them
 in your handbag for
          times when heels are hurting your feet.
these are the butterfly shoes on
the top material is satin.
with a thin rubber bendy flat sole, very comfy
£15 from ebay

long necklace with pink n silver danglers Ive had this
 since last year n can't rember where from.

i took this weekend bag to keep all my clothes is but it did feel
heavy once it was full but worth it as i really love it.

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