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Saturday, 21 August 2010

UV GEL NAIL'S - advice needed

Ive been looking into buying a UV gel nail kit so i can put french tips on myself at home and maybe play around with nail art plus i wont have to pay £15 to £20 at a salon, I do use false nails sometimes but they don't come cheap and don't last very long before they look shabby looking.
The only thing is I've never done my nail's using UV gel before Ive watched a couple of tutorial's on YouTube and it doesn't look to hard so with practice i should get better. anyway I've been looking on ebay for a kit which has everything ill need but also doesn't cost to much, here's one I've seen and thinking of buying it.

This is the kit and what the description says.

The most valuable set you must have for your nail art!

Tunnel style UV lamp designed for fast curing gels as well as setting for nail varnish!
Ideal for making UV nail, clear UV nail and colour UV nail tips!
With instructions in package, suitable for beginners or professional use!
36W UV curing Lamp:
The fast efficient way to give your nails a beautiful even cure!!
Included 4 x 9 watt lamp tubes
Timer: 120secs
1 x 36 Watt UV Nail Lamp Light
£28.99 free P+P
4 x 9 watt lamp tubes
2 x 1/2 oz. Clear Gel
1 x 1/2 oz. White Gel
1 x 1/2 oz. Pink Gel
1 x 1/2 oz. UV Top Coat
1 x 3g. Nail Glue
1 x 2 oz. Cleanser Plus
1 x Gel Pen
1 x File
20 x Forms
4 x Wipers
20 x White French Tips
20 x Transparent French Tips

So if any of you has a UV gel nail kit or has used one before please let me know what you think of it, should i buy one or not, also please let me know if its easy to do the nail's yourself. I don't really want to buy the kit until Ive had some advice on how its works etc.
Looking Forward to your Comments.
Thank You
Cara x


Brenty said...

Sounds like a fun project! I really like your blog and now following it. Looking forward to your updates!

Gabriella said...

I've never used gel nails but it sounds like fun! Thanks for commenting on my blog, I'm following you. :)
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