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Friday, 10 September 2010


Ive just found this tag online and thought it would be fun to put my own answers in and add it to my blog.

1.what is your favourite magazine?
I'm a really sucker for magazine's i buy loads every week but my 3 fav's are look, closer, reveal

2. who is your favourite singer/band?
this is a very hard question for me i have many favourites, i listen to different types of music depending on my mood. my boyfriend's a musician he's good.

3. who is your favourite youtube guru/s?
i have a few favourites, dulcecandy87, meganheartsmakeup, julieg713,

4. what is your favourite makeup product?
rimmel colour match foundation and max factor big eyes mascara.

5.if you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?
1st wish a nice big house, 2nd wish lots of money for clothes n shoes, 3rd wish infinite wishes

6. where would you like to live?
some where hot like LA or Tokyo

7. what is your favourite film?
i have a few, man on fire, blood diamonds, tears of the sun, the ring.

8. how many pairs of shoes do you own?
44 including boots trainers and flip flops.

9. what do you buy most when shopping?
probably shoes as they last longer than clothes and bags.

10. what is your favourite colour?

11.what is your most treasured possession/s?
Kier ( fiance ) lol, engagement ring, shoes.

12.if you got stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you take?
Kier, chocolate, a genie lol

Hope you guy's enjoyed reading this. please don't forget to follow me if you aren't already.

                                                       Cara xoxo


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