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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Another Simple Sunday Outfit

Ive just got back from having Sunday lunch with kier at my Gran's I'm stuffed i couldn't eat another thing ( well until tea time lol ), i love going to my Gran's for Sunday lunch its the best and she's a fantastic cook she always make a ton of food so there's always enough for every one and usually the whole family go, today there wasn't as many family members as there normally is but we still had fun just as we always do.
My Gran's house is only a 10 minute walk from mine and the weather was  pretty good when we set off so i didn't end up wearing my black and grey boyfriend blazer which was ok as i was back home before it started spitting with rain i was lucky for once.
Every Sunday both me and kier like having a lazy chill out day having lunch then later in the day watching DVDs with sweets and Ice cream that's why i like to dress comfy and casual with minimal make up.
The clothe's i wore today were extremely comfy and as my top is slouchy it also covered my bum which is a huge bonus, as i was walking to my gran's i wanteed to wear comfy shoes and these are so comfy its like wearing slippers, i wear wedges all the time because they are so comfy and if you check out my shoe challenge or collection post you'll see just how much i love them i have loads.
Grey short sleeve jumper - Jasper Conran
Black skinny jeans - George Asda            
Black wedges - Soda Via Ebay      
Camera Necklace - Ebay
Watch grey and black beaded hearts - handmade by me

minimal make up & hair pulled back in a loose pony.  


Dhalia said...

Very simple and comfy...great look.

Anonymous said...

you look comfy...btw love your blog

Ilenia said...

lovely blog.. visit me,