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Monday, 20 September 2010


This post is about making yourself look more beautiful or just simply make yourself feel better using fake things like hair extensions, wigs, hair dyes, eyelashes, nails, tan, chicken fillets and so on.
Anyway I've been thinking alot recently about how i  look and how I'd like to make myself  look so I'm planning on changing my image not permanently like surgery or anything like that just some minor things, don't get me wrong I'm happy and i don't hate the way i look right now but still every girl / woman wants to look better and more beautiful also its nice to have a change every now and then.
I haven't just woke up this morning and thought ok go for it, no I've been thinking for a good while before i decided I'm going to go ahead and have a change and image overall, so first thing Ive done is book myself a hair appointment which is for October 1st, I'm going to get my hair done blonde as i haven't been a blond in a long time well at least 3 years.
I've also bought some nice fake eye lashes to try out as Ive never used them before, Ive got really thick long eye lashes but because there so long and heavy the wont stay curled very long so I'm gonna have a go using fake ones. Im not quite sure how I'm going to change my make up yet but i am starting to think about focusing more on my eyes making them more dramatic and stand out more because I've been doing the natural look alot recently. Also I'm going to start wearing arycle nails again its been a few months since i last used them but i really miss them. I really do like a tan with the blonde hair type of look but i don't think I'll end up doing this as i find it to time consuming i might do it as a one of if I'm going out.
I can't see myself changing anything else, my hair colour will be the biggest change for me but I'm really looking forward to getting it done.So do you or would you use any fake products to enhance your natural looks?  please leave me a comment let me know what you lovelies think.

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