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Saturday, 11 September 2010

New bits n bobs

Well i haven't been anywhere special this week ( i know I'm boring ), i needed a couple of new bits n bobs but only ended up going to my local shops and to be honest there pretty basic as i live in a small town so it means travelling out of town to stock up on most things so ill have to get that done very soon because I'm starting to run out of every day items.
first thing on my make up shopping list was some new face primer or a good tinted face moisturiser, when it comes to buying these i just tend to buy which ever one i see first it doesn't really matter what make it is which is very silly of me because half the time I'll buy it get home and realise its just not right for me its either to light/dark or to heavy on my skin, I'm quite lucky when it comes to skin as i don't get spots or greasy skin but when i wear foundation i don't like putting to much on as i like my skin to breathe plus i tend to focus more on my eyes. when i went shopping i ended up buying a skin lightening/brightening face primer for £3.79 its more like moisturiser mixed with foundation its really light  in texture and colour and it made my skin look great and it lasted all day which is a bonus, Ive never seen or used this product before but Ill definitely be buying it again, i got it from a tiny bag shop what also sells bits of make up and hair care products.
The make is CCUK , natural light finish colour candlelight
 it has added vitamin e and uva/uvb sun screen, size 35ml

Next thing i wanted was some new make up brushes as its been a while since i last bought any and trust me i was shocked at the price, but i needed some badly so i just decided to go for some in the middle price range as I've had cheap ones before and they didn't last very long before dropping to bits or looking tacky.
I ended up spending £5 on a foundation brush a £4.95 for a pack of 7 brushes which has everything i need , I've used a couple and so far so good, they also came in a clear storage bag which is handy so i won't loose them.
large powder brush & 1 of the eye brow brushes i already had.

I also bought a few new nail polishes some ive had before but had ran out of but as i really liked the colour i got it again plus most of them were £1:99 instead of £2:99.
left to right, Rimmel portobello pink £1:99, Rimmel green with envy £1:99, Rimmel blue me away £2:99,
Rimmel tangarine queen £1:99, Rimmel pompus £2:99, and Rimmel perfect plum which you can't see in the photo but im wearing it now and its a really rich/dark purple colou.
sorry the photo quality isn't better,
 its more purple than this and not as dark.
More make up and beauty posts coming soon, if you have ever used the face tint before let me know how it worked for you, also which is your favourite Rimmel nail colour?.


Bella said...

When do you find the time to get your nails done? LOL

Moreover, I find make up too much time consuming..

But maybe it's because I don't have a job that "requires" me to look nice and pretty HE HE HE

The more I red, the more I like..!

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Bella said...

READ*** (Sorry typing mistake!!!!!!!!)

cara said...

Thanks for commenting bella, i usually paint my nails on a night time while watching tv.
also i'll check out your blog/s.