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Tuesday, 21 September 2010


First off i just want to say a huge thank you to every one who follows this blog, when i started this blog on August 4th 2010 i never dreamed id get any followers well not this fast anyway, but thanks to you guys I've now got 40 which is amazing.
Also i want to let you all know how grateful i am for all the great comments and support I've received since starting this blog and to be totally honest without the support and great comments i don't think id still be posting so thank you all.


viviaan said...

this is the first time ive stumbled across your blog :) it's really cute and interesting to see you go through this whole style change thing. excited to see results xoxo

Joyce Marie said...

found you on lookville :)
follow me:

& keep up the good work!

Murzipan said...

Hi Cara,

Found you on lookville as well. Cute blog, will be interested to see the new hairdo, I'm always so scared to change my look a lot so well done for your bravery! I'd love if you could follow my blog as well and let me know what you think, I've only just started it so not sure what I'm doing yet! you can find it at
M x

Cara - British Street Fashion said...

thanks for your comments and support..
cara x