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Saturday, 2 October 2010

15 Interesting facts about me:

So I've just found this interesting post on a couple of blogs and thought id also share some facts about me with you guy's.
A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself:

Me and my fiance have been together 7 years, were best friends and do every thing together.

I'm a huge shopaholic, i love buying shoes and currently have 44 pairs, most of my shoes have 5" heel's.

I'm the worst sleeper in the world, some nights i don't even bother going to bed.

I have a sweet tooth & love white chocolate magnums/ and galaxy chocolate and kids sweets.

I hate moths, spiders and other crawlies.

My dream job would be a doctor or drug councilor

I talk way to much, i could talk a glass eye to sleep.

I don't really drink alchol much but if i do my favourite drink is vodka & coke.

I love watching dvd's with a bag of sweets & lots of chocolate.

I really enjoy cooking and baking.

My favourite food/s is spaghetti bolognaise and Shepard's pie.

I drink lots of tea and i hate coffee.

I'm really close with my family who i see all the time and couldn't live without.

Me and Kier both have each others name's tattooed on us which looks really sweet.

I love crafts, i also design & make jewellery.

bye for now x

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