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Monday, 30 August 2010


Just thought id quickly add a couple of pic's of my new sexy shoe's, i love them so much they are high but also extremely comfy which i didn't expect, so ill be wearing these alot now with dresses n skinny jean's if I'm going some where nice, its funny because it was my boyfriend who spotted them and at first i wasn't going to actually buy them but I'm so glad i did now.
original price was £59.99 but they had 60% off so they cost £23:99 but my boyfriend paid that for me so it was a nice little treat ( he's so sweet ) bless him.
hope you like them, please leave comments let me know what you think.

Saturday, 28 August 2010


Oh my god I've been browsing ebay for the last 3 1/2 hours, I've ended up buying lots of great bargains and now owe a small fortune to the sellers i really do think I'm addicted because once i start looking and buying i just can't stop this isn't a one off either i usually do this around once a week sometimes more, tonight I've bought things i wouldn't normally buy and ended up spending over £65 which is alot considering I'm buying it just from the sellers photos and description without seeing it properly or trying it on and many sellers don't accept returns, i have noticed though i usually end up paying more for postage than the actual item which is a shame because all the extra money I'm spending on postage i could be buying something extra.
now i just can't wait for the post man to knock at my door with my new goodies i always joke that everyday feels like it's Christmas, well when the parcel's arrive that is.
i dont know about you guy's but when i buy something off the internet i get really impatient and want it to arrive straight away especially when the seller's description says 1st class and you pay a high p+p price but then it takes age's to arrive i really hate that it really gets on my nerves.
here's a few of the things I've bought  I'm not going to show all of the items as id be here all night so ill show you the rest once they arrive. dont forget to let me know what you think of my new bargain buy's.

blue n white nautical style jumper/dress £3:90  new with tags

peach jumper £1.85
red short sleeve jacket £1:75
black boyfriend blazer £6:75 new with tags
nautical dress £4:45 new with tags
white long sleeve jumper £1:04
black n silver v neck £2.95 new with tags

black ankle strap wedges £1:25
brown wedges £3:65 brand new

faux fur cropped gilet/shrug £4:99

I also bought some costume jewellery (rings n necklaces) oh and some pretty hair clips you'll see them in my up coming outfit posts, please let me know what you think about my new bargain buy's, tell me what you do or dont like and were the prices good did i get a bargain, i love hearing your comments and always try to reply to as many as possible,
Please rember that these prices dont include the postage and packing costs.

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Cara xoxo

Friday, 27 August 2010

Tuesday Outfit Post

For some strange reason i haven't been dressing up much for the last week, but then again i haven't been out much either mainly lazying around at home doing nothing but watching day time TV and eating lots of chocolate n sweets (depressing) i know, anyway on Tuesday me and my bf were going over his mams to sleep for a couple of days and as we had to get a bus there i ended up just wearing some indigo jeggings and a v neck jumper and because we had to cope sitting on a bus for over an hour i didn't even put make up on not like me at all so i just left my hair in a very loose pony put my sun glasses on a a pair of foldable butterflies pumps,
We had a great time over my bf's mams i ended up going shopping and bought some new necklaces bangles a nice chunky cream cardie, my favourite buy was a long pewter coloured necklace with a cute owl pendant which i got for £2:50 from primark so a real bargain aswell, while i was shopping i was hoping to find a decent digital camera as I'm still using my mobile i did see lots but they were to expensive and i really want a good one as i always believe you only get what you pay for n hopefully it'll last me a long time.

anyway here's a couple of photos sorry about the quality.

pink/peach v neck jumper ebay  indigo jeggings £8 primark
pink chunky bangle Dorothy Perkins £4 last year
my sunglasses £12 half price Debenhams
 they have leopard print arms n i love them
bought  my Sunny's ages ago now.

   these are the butterfly shoes/pumps
         when there folded so you can fit them
 in your handbag for
          times when heels are hurting your feet.
these are the butterfly shoes on
the top material is satin.
with a thin rubber bendy flat sole, very comfy
£15 from ebay

long necklace with pink n silver danglers Ive had this
 since last year n can't rember where from.

i took this weekend bag to keep all my clothes is but it did feel
heavy once it was full but worth it as i really love it.

Thanks for looking, pease dont forget to follow my blog & leave comments


Monday, 23 August 2010

My New Blazer - Outfit Post

Thought id post a picture of my new navy blue blazer, I was planning on wearing it today as i had a little bit of shopping to do but as usual it started raining before i went so ill try and wear it one day this week.

It's from Marks & Spencer its an over sized navy blue nautical type it has gold buttons with anchors on them there really cute oh and nice big shoulder pads, its also made of good quality wool fabric so keeps its shape well the only bad thing is its dry clean only.
When i wear it I'm planning on turning the cuffs to make it 3/4 sleeve I'm also planning of buying a cute pin badge/broach to pin near the top maybe on the breast or collar just to give it more of a personal touch.
I'll wear it with skinny jeans platform boots and maybe a nice scarf if its cold or if the weathers ok a cute dress and wedges.

Im not wearing it as it is just put it on so my bf could the pic.

♥ 10 Fashion Questions (Tag) ♥

So this was originally a Youtube tag, but I thought it would be cool to do it on my blog!

1. What is your favourite accessories?
My favourite accessories are huge over sized bags and statement rings.

2. Who's your role model? (in real life and YT life)
I dont really have a role model as such but i do really like,
Victoria Beckam, Kelly Brook, Alex Curran, and Rhianna's Style,
Ive got quite a few fav youtube gurus but not role models. 

3. What do you always carry with you?
My purse/cash , my mobile phone, deodorant/perfume, comb, mirror,
Lip balm/gloss,wet wipes,my uumbrella if its raining,

4. What would you describe your fashion style as?
Different depending on the occasion,weather and my mood 
but casual comfy laid back girly with an edge

5. Favourite: jeans, sunglasses, heels?
My favourite shoe's right now are wedges and peep toe shoe boots see me earlier post.
My favourite sunglasses are over sized square type with leopard print arms.
My fav jeans at the moment are faded black skinnys from river island

6. What inspired you to make fashion a blog?
Seeing other people's outfit post's and a magazine article and wanted to
share my bargain buys out fit posts and some handy tips i've learned along the way.

7. What is your favourite fashion store/shop?
I really love River Island, Top Shop and New Look

8. What is your favourite fabric in clothing?
Denim, leather, faux fur,

9. Who is your favourite designer?
Marc Jacobs, French Connection & Henry Holland

10. Who/what inspires your fashion?
The streets,magazines, celebrities, my MOOD, the weather, the occasion, runways,
anything beautiful,

Cara x

Saturday, 21 August 2010

UV GEL NAIL'S - advice needed

Ive been looking into buying a UV gel nail kit so i can put french tips on myself at home and maybe play around with nail art plus i wont have to pay £15 to £20 at a salon, I do use false nails sometimes but they don't come cheap and don't last very long before they look shabby looking.
The only thing is I've never done my nail's using UV gel before Ive watched a couple of tutorial's on YouTube and it doesn't look to hard so with practice i should get better. anyway I've been looking on ebay for a kit which has everything ill need but also doesn't cost to much, here's one I've seen and thinking of buying it.

This is the kit and what the description says.

The most valuable set you must have for your nail art!

Tunnel style UV lamp designed for fast curing gels as well as setting for nail varnish!
Ideal for making UV nail, clear UV nail and colour UV nail tips!
With instructions in package, suitable for beginners or professional use!
36W UV curing Lamp:
The fast efficient way to give your nails a beautiful even cure!!
Included 4 x 9 watt lamp tubes
Timer: 120secs
1 x 36 Watt UV Nail Lamp Light
£28.99 free P+P
4 x 9 watt lamp tubes
2 x 1/2 oz. Clear Gel
1 x 1/2 oz. White Gel
1 x 1/2 oz. Pink Gel
1 x 1/2 oz. UV Top Coat
1 x 3g. Nail Glue
1 x 2 oz. Cleanser Plus
1 x Gel Pen
1 x File
20 x Forms
4 x Wipers
20 x White French Tips
20 x Transparent French Tips

So if any of you has a UV gel nail kit or has used one before please let me know what you think of it, should i buy one or not, also please let me know if its easy to do the nail's yourself. I don't really want to buy the kit until Ive had some advice on how its works etc.
Looking Forward to your Comments.
Thank You
Cara x

Sunday, 15 August 2010


Well i thought I'd add a couple of new photo's of the shoe's i bought this week the pictures aren't great as i still haven't bought a new digi camera and my mobile phone camera isn't up to much.
This week i haven't been able to go out shopping much as Ive been pretty busy, buy yesterday i did end up going into town i only had enough time to go in a few shop's but i still managed to spend my money as i also bought some new jumper's a couple of Set's of pyjama's and of course shoe's.
Blue Wedge Strappy Sandals £15 inc P+P Ebay new in box,
the blue is more brighter than the pic.
But I've also been browsing websites mostly looking for bargains on Ebay.

Pink Wedge's £16 Select,
 these i actually bought a few month's ago but i totally forgot about them.
These Tan Platforms were £12 from International.

Shoe Storage.
I keep all of my shoes in clear plastic shoe boxes and I've noticed when i take the shoes out the can look squashed well until i put them on my feet then there fine but the boxes are great for keeping dust of them also as there clear its easy to find the shoes your looking for , the only downside is my boots don't fit into them but you can buy clear boot boxes but i don't buy them i usually keep my boots in the original boxes or leave them standing up .
I'd recommend buying these boxes if you have lots of shoes or don't have the original box or if you just want to keep the shoes dust free i pay £1.79 for 2 boxes the boot boxes are around the same price but you only get1 box.
Ive seen them on Ebay but they cost a lot more plus p+p and they are no better quality wise.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

My Shoe Challenge

As i love shoe's so much ive given myself a challenge to have 50 pairs of shoe's by christmas it doesn't matter what type of shoe they are as long as i really like them and not just buying them for the sake of it.
It doesn't matter what make they are, how much they cost or where there from and they have to be new not second hand,
I cannot include trainers or wellies. so any other shoes is ok high heel's platform's wedge's pump's sandals boot's.
Ive already got 29 pair's but atleast 9 of them ive bought recently with it being summer i needed some new sandal's and pump's. I  binned 4 pair's only a few week's ago because i'd had them a while and they were dropping to bits and i hate keeping shoe's that look shabby.
So i need 21 pairs in just over 4 month's im gonna try my best to complete this challenge so i'll be looking out for bargain's in shop's on the high street and on ebay as ive bought shoes from there before for bargain price's  i got a lovley pair 3 week's ago of ebay that i paid £1.04 that's the lowest ive ever paid.

Red wedges square toe £15 from ebay
Here's a few photo's of shoe's ive bought recently or already own, some of my fav's.
These are more purple with a wedge and cost £1:04 from ebay
Tan strappy wedges £4:50 ebay
Laced heeled grey gladiator's £9 ebay
The price's dont iinclude p+p but they were all brand new either in box or with tag's as i never buy second hand shoe's. The photo's dont really show the colours very good as im still using my mobile phone.

Every time i buy new shoe's ill take photo's of them then add a few all at once and if i complete my challenge and get the whole 50 pair's i'll add a photo of the whole collection.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Harrods Bag

I got this Harrors bag complete with tags from ebay at a bargain price of £20 inc p+p , the tags say £40 so half price isnt to bad, its yellow patent leather with black piping and has a silver metal tag with Harrords on its also got a small detatchable purse which ill take off.
sorry about the photo's
so what do you think was it worth £20?

My Bargain Weekend Bag From Ebay

Yeah i know i have bought alot this week but to be honest i can't help myself im a total shop acholic especially when it comes to fashion, I got this bag fr one reason i needed a weekend bag as i often go to my boyfriends mams and we stay for 2 or 3 days and i was totally sick of not having a big enough bag, so when i started looking for a weekend bag as long as it was big enough and cheap and fairly smart thats all that mattered so i couldn't belive my look when i was browsing ebay and found this very smart von dutch bowling style bag its nice and big and had only been used once and it looks brand new.
Ebay £9 +£5 P+P pure bargain

Peep toe boots

I bought these fab peep toe boots a couple of weeks ago now and ive only had chance to wear them the once but they were so comfy so ill start wearing them alot more as long as the weather is ok, i was staying at my boyfriends mams for a few days and the day we were coming home we had 40 minutes to wait for the bus so i ended p going in new look as they had a sale on after trying 3 or 4 different pairs of shoes i seen these mink coloured peep toes and instantly fell in love so i had to buy them.
New Look £12

so what do you guys think?

New Boots

Ive just bought these new boots there very high with the heel's at 5 1/2 inches and the platforms just over an inch not so easy to walk in there light grey suede i know no good in the rain but they look so good so its not so bad. i only paid £17 on ebay brand new in the box so they were a bargain, ill be wearing these with skinny jeans and an over sized blazer probably wear them alot from now on.

sorry the pictures arn't better still using my mobile.

i also bought some boots in black nearly the same only the grey ones are more of a shoot boot and the black is more of an ankle boot both have the same heel and platform height the black ones are a little easier to walk in ass they hug the ankle a little more, i paid £15 for these off ebay brand new in the box so another bargain.

sorry about the photos im still using my mobile.

let me know what you think, do you like them hate them either way let me know.

Thanks for the feedback

Hi guys i just want to say a Massive Thank You for all the feedback ive had since starting up my blog a couple of day's ago, please don't forget to follow me for all my latest tips and tricks.lots more updates will be added in the coming days check it out.

Friday, 6 August 2010

The Shag , Hair style that is.

I thought id show you guys the hair style celeb's are going mad for and apparently its called the shag. anyway heres the pic's let me know what you you think.