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Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Do any of yo lovelies have this 88 warm colour eye shadow pallet from Ebay, basically i just wanna know if its ok, it only costs £8:96 with p+p.
let me know how it works, is it ok. please leave comments let me know what you all think before i go ahead and but it. thanks peeps.....

Monday, 27 September 2010

xx Happy Anniversary xx

Its mine and Kier's 7th anniversary on Tuesday the 28th, were planning on going out for a meal and a few drinks which I'm really looking forward to and its another excuse to buy clothes and dress up nice.
I always get a big bunch of flowers which i love, but this time we've decided that were going to also buy a gold charm bracelet with 7 charms one for every year then every year on our anniversary we'll buy a new charm which i think is a super idea. idd a picture of the charm bracelet once ive found the perfect one.
here's a couple of pic's of the roses kier got me, sorry about the quality of these photos but I'm still using my mobile...

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Nail Art Wish List....

Ive been searching on Ebay for some new nail art bits and bobs, 
( i know I'm addicted and spend way to much money on Ebay, tell me about it )
have any of you used these double ended nail polish pens?, let me know what they're like,
Ive also found some brushes in different sizes to use when doing nail art and a clear stand which will look super cute when its filled with coloured polish bottles.
Don't forget to drop me a comment and let me know what you guy's think, i always love reading your comments and try to respond back to everyone..


As you all know by now i love shoes so much so when i seen theses amazing little beauty's i thought I'd died and woke up in shoe heaven, As well as them being an open toe ankle / shoe boot style, there also the latest in trends being leopard and zebra print and there made of a velvet material, they've also got a wedge which you all know is my absolute favourite they look great on and there really easy to walk in and are extremely comfy, that's why i have so many pairs of wedges.
Personally i like them all but i think I'll end up buying the black and white zebra print ones because they'll go with more of my clothes, but i do really love the leopard print ones in the last picture.
I might even treat myself to the plain cream pair they'll look fab with my cream studded leather jacket.
I won't get the black ones because I've got some that's very similar so i don't need those at the moment.

They all cost around the same price more or less £34:99 up to £46:99
they can all be found on Ebay.
 So do you like these? which would you buy? drop me a comment let me know what you think about these amazing little baby's.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Rain Rain Go Away Come Back Another Day....

Today has been such an awful day the weather has been so bad and unpredictable, while i was getting ready the weather didn't look to bad in fact i wasn't even going to put a coat on but then when i left the house to go down the doctors and call at my local Asda for a few bits it was raining but not to bad but then when i was on my way home it started chucking it down, this always happens to me honestly Ive got such bad luck nothing ever goes right.
Today because i was rushing so much as i didn't wanna get wet, i didn't end up doing any outfit pictures but while me and Kier my fiance were sitting in the chemist i did snap a quick picture, i didn't do any more as everyone was looking at me like i had two heads and i could tell kier felt uncomfortable poor lad.
I'll do some outfit posts in the next few days providing the weathers ok...

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


First off i just want to say a huge thank you to every one who follows this blog, when i started this blog on August 4th 2010 i never dreamed id get any followers well not this fast anyway, but thanks to you guys I've now got 40 which is amazing.
Also i want to let you all know how grateful i am for all the great comments and support I've received since starting this blog and to be totally honest without the support and great comments i don't think id still be posting so thank you all.

Monday, 20 September 2010


This post is about making yourself look more beautiful or just simply make yourself feel better using fake things like hair extensions, wigs, hair dyes, eyelashes, nails, tan, chicken fillets and so on.
Anyway I've been thinking alot recently about how i  look and how I'd like to make myself  look so I'm planning on changing my image not permanently like surgery or anything like that just some minor things, don't get me wrong I'm happy and i don't hate the way i look right now but still every girl / woman wants to look better and more beautiful also its nice to have a change every now and then.
I haven't just woke up this morning and thought ok go for it, no I've been thinking for a good while before i decided I'm going to go ahead and have a change and image overall, so first thing Ive done is book myself a hair appointment which is for October 1st, I'm going to get my hair done blonde as i haven't been a blond in a long time well at least 3 years.
I've also bought some nice fake eye lashes to try out as Ive never used them before, Ive got really thick long eye lashes but because there so long and heavy the wont stay curled very long so I'm gonna have a go using fake ones. Im not quite sure how I'm going to change my make up yet but i am starting to think about focusing more on my eyes making them more dramatic and stand out more because I've been doing the natural look alot recently. Also I'm going to start wearing arycle nails again its been a few months since i last used them but i really miss them. I really do like a tan with the blonde hair type of look but i don't think I'll end up doing this as i find it to time consuming i might do it as a one of if I'm going out.
I can't see myself changing anything else, my hair colour will be the biggest change for me but I'm really looking forward to getting it done.So do you or would you use any fake products to enhance your natural looks?  please leave me a comment let me know what you lovelies think.

Monday Shopping - Outfit post

Today i needed to pop into town mainly just to pay some bills and pick up a few bits and bobs that I'd run out of plus i went to Asda for my weekly food shopping. well I've been wanting to hold back on outfit posts until i have my new camera as my mobile phone camera is really bad but i feel like I'm neglecting my blog of outfit posts so I'm posting some photos i know they're not the best but still better than nothing.
Today the weather wasn't great its been really windy but it didn't rain thank god as my make up would of run down my face, i should have taken the photos before i left home but i didn't so I'm alot messier than i was to start off with but this post is about my outfit not my make up & beauty.
Cream studded crop leather jacket - Tom Wolfe £35 via Ebay
Blue & white Eiffel tower print t shirt - £7 Peacocks ( sale )    
Indigo jeggings - £12:50 George Asda
Cream peep toe shoe boots - cannot remember
Tan leather bag  - £18 New Look
White watch - £12 local shop
Gold chunky bangle - £4 local shop
Help for heros charity wrist band - £2 via Ebay
Cream pearl earrings - handmade by me.

cream shoe boots.

close up- minimal make up & messy hair.

cream pearl earrings.
light blue nail polish by Collection 2000 in colour 25 show off,
2 coats plus 1 coat of Rimmel clear top coat.
large white watch

please leave me a comment let me know what you think also don't forget to follow my blog for more outfit posts plus much more.

Cara xoxo

Sunday, 19 September 2010


Well I've nearly completed my shoe challenge and in half the time i set myself so I'm well pleased, see my old post for more details of my shoe challenge plus rules i set  myself.

Here's some of my recent shoe buys.
Tan slip on heels £15:99  plus p+p Ebay

Purple Wedge £12:00 plus p+p  Ebay
Black suede studded heels £12 Ebay

Orange strappy wedges £15 Next ( sale )
Turquoise sling backs £10 Next ( sale )

Saturday, 18 September 2010


Ive already mentioned in my older posts before how I'm looking into buying a new digital camera so i can take more outfit posts plus the picture quality will be a thousand times better than my mobile phone I'm currently using plus Kier my fiance hates using it, so I've been looking around for a decent camera that doesn't cost to much and hopefully last a long time....
anyway here's the 2 I'm interested in, so if you have ever used or own one of these let me know what its like performance & quality wise, please let me know what you guys think so i can finally go & buy it.

This is the 1st camera i looked at what caught my eye:-

Fuji S1730 12MP Compact Digital Camera £149.99
12 mega pixels.,Black,Plastic body,28mm wide angle Fujinon lens,15 x optical zoom,6.3 x digital zoom,3in LCD screen,
Features,PictBridge compatible,Dual digital and optical anti-blur,Face detection up to 10 faces.
Continuous shooting up to 10 frames per second,Red eye reduction,Memory card compatibility: SD/SDHC.
720 high definition movie capture with sound,Maximum ISO 6400,16 scene modes,Intelligent scene mode.
Manual over-ride,Viewfinder,Smile shutter,Self timer,Built-in flash.



This is the second camera I've been looking at its also a little cheaper priced @ ONLY £129
GE HZ15 14.1MP Compact Digital Camera £129.99
Model number HZ15, 14.1 mega pixels, Black, 15 x optical zoom,5.7 x digital zoom, 2.7in LCD screen.
PictBridge compatible, Optical anti-blur,Face detection up to 6 faces, Continuous shooting up to 1.39 frames per second,Red eye reduction, Memory card compatibility: SD, Movie capture with sound.
Maximum ISO 3200, 13 scene modes, Manual over-ride,Smile shutter, Blink detection, Self timer.
Built-in flash

So if you have or can offer any adviec regarding these to cameras id be happy to get any advice you can give me that would be fantastic, as i know nothing about camera, which would you go for and why?.. I'll keep you updated about which camera i do ending up buying and once i get it I'll do a mini review post about my camera, more about that once i do get it.

Cara xoxo

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Another Simple Sunday Outfit

Ive just got back from having Sunday lunch with kier at my Gran's I'm stuffed i couldn't eat another thing ( well until tea time lol ), i love going to my Gran's for Sunday lunch its the best and she's a fantastic cook she always make a ton of food so there's always enough for every one and usually the whole family go, today there wasn't as many family members as there normally is but we still had fun just as we always do.
My Gran's house is only a 10 minute walk from mine and the weather was  pretty good when we set off so i didn't end up wearing my black and grey boyfriend blazer which was ok as i was back home before it started spitting with rain i was lucky for once.
Every Sunday both me and kier like having a lazy chill out day having lunch then later in the day watching DVDs with sweets and Ice cream that's why i like to dress comfy and casual with minimal make up.
The clothe's i wore today were extremely comfy and as my top is slouchy it also covered my bum which is a huge bonus, as i was walking to my gran's i wanteed to wear comfy shoes and these are so comfy its like wearing slippers, i wear wedges all the time because they are so comfy and if you check out my shoe challenge or collection post you'll see just how much i love them i have loads.
Grey short sleeve jumper - Jasper Conran
Black skinny jeans - George Asda            
Black wedges - Soda Via Ebay      
Camera Necklace - Ebay
Watch grey and black beaded hearts - handmade by me

minimal make up & hair pulled back in a loose pony.  

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Worth the Wait

Ive been waiting for some new jewellery to be delivered for what felt like forever as I'm so impatient,

Here's some of the things i bought from ebay.....
My favourite is the beetle ring its adorable and looks super cute on well to be honest they all look great on, they all feel well made so should last a good while....

prices dont include postage and took 7 days to arrive from hong kong but its well worth the wait, I totally and truely love every item i bought....

camera necklace £2:79

huge pink flower ring £2:62
heart ring £1:68
pearl beetle ring £1:99
red cluster ring £1:24

So what do you think would you buy these?,  which is your favourite?  leave me a comment let me know what you think, do/dont like  i love hearing from blog readers, also leave me a comment and your blog name and i'll check it out as i love reading other peoples blogs.....

Cara x

New bits n bobs

Well i haven't been anywhere special this week ( i know I'm boring ), i needed a couple of new bits n bobs but only ended up going to my local shops and to be honest there pretty basic as i live in a small town so it means travelling out of town to stock up on most things so ill have to get that done very soon because I'm starting to run out of every day items.
first thing on my make up shopping list was some new face primer or a good tinted face moisturiser, when it comes to buying these i just tend to buy which ever one i see first it doesn't really matter what make it is which is very silly of me because half the time I'll buy it get home and realise its just not right for me its either to light/dark or to heavy on my skin, I'm quite lucky when it comes to skin as i don't get spots or greasy skin but when i wear foundation i don't like putting to much on as i like my skin to breathe plus i tend to focus more on my eyes. when i went shopping i ended up buying a skin lightening/brightening face primer for £3.79 its more like moisturiser mixed with foundation its really light  in texture and colour and it made my skin look great and it lasted all day which is a bonus, Ive never seen or used this product before but Ill definitely be buying it again, i got it from a tiny bag shop what also sells bits of make up and hair care products.
The make is CCUK , natural light finish colour candlelight
 it has added vitamin e and uva/uvb sun screen, size 35ml

Next thing i wanted was some new make up brushes as its been a while since i last bought any and trust me i was shocked at the price, but i needed some badly so i just decided to go for some in the middle price range as I've had cheap ones before and they didn't last very long before dropping to bits or looking tacky.
I ended up spending £5 on a foundation brush a £4.95 for a pack of 7 brushes which has everything i need , I've used a couple and so far so good, they also came in a clear storage bag which is handy so i won't loose them.
large powder brush & 1 of the eye brow brushes i already had.

I also bought a few new nail polishes some ive had before but had ran out of but as i really liked the colour i got it again plus most of them were £1:99 instead of £2:99.
left to right, Rimmel portobello pink £1:99, Rimmel green with envy £1:99, Rimmel blue me away £2:99,
Rimmel tangarine queen £1:99, Rimmel pompus £2:99, and Rimmel perfect plum which you can't see in the photo but im wearing it now and its a really rich/dark purple colou.
sorry the photo quality isn't better,
 its more purple than this and not as dark.
More make up and beauty posts coming soon, if you have ever used the face tint before let me know how it worked for you, also which is your favourite Rimmel nail colour?.

Friday, 10 September 2010


Ive just found this tag online and thought it would be fun to put my own answers in and add it to my blog.

1.what is your favourite magazine?
I'm a really sucker for magazine's i buy loads every week but my 3 fav's are look, closer, reveal

2. who is your favourite singer/band?
this is a very hard question for me i have many favourites, i listen to different types of music depending on my mood. my boyfriend's a musician he's good.

3. who is your favourite youtube guru/s?
i have a few favourites, dulcecandy87, meganheartsmakeup, julieg713,

4. what is your favourite makeup product?
rimmel colour match foundation and max factor big eyes mascara.

5.if you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?
1st wish a nice big house, 2nd wish lots of money for clothes n shoes, 3rd wish infinite wishes

6. where would you like to live?
some where hot like LA or Tokyo

7. what is your favourite film?
i have a few, man on fire, blood diamonds, tears of the sun, the ring.

8. how many pairs of shoes do you own?
44 including boots trainers and flip flops.

9. what do you buy most when shopping?
probably shoes as they last longer than clothes and bags.

10. what is your favourite colour?

11.what is your most treasured possession/s?
Kier ( fiance ) lol, engagement ring, shoes.

12.if you got stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you take?
Kier, chocolate, a genie lol

Hope you guy's enjoyed reading this. please don't forget to follow me if you aren't already.

                                                       Cara xoxo