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Thursday, 28 October 2010


This is a very personal post don't read it unless you feel totally comfortable i don't want to offend or hurt anyone.
My and my fiance Kier have been together 7 years gone 28th September, we've been engaged 6 years Christmas day 2011, I'd get married tomorrow if i could but of course like most men Kier's dragging his feet and thinks we don't need to get married well at least more a good few years, i truly believe he will marry me someday, i think he's scared things will change in our relationship even though nothing would change unless it did for the better, We've both talked about having baby's and he does seem ready and willing plus he'd make a fantastic father he's so good with children and i know id also be a fantastic mother i basically brought my brother and sister up when i was 13 so i know I'm very maternal. i think he was put of by marriage when after 36 years his mam & dad went through a rough divorce which affected him the most out of his 4 brothers & sisters plus his mother then moved to a different town so we don't get to see her that much & he was really close to her but we do sometimes go and stay for a few days at a time plus we always enjoy staying there and have such a laugh, but we both miss our king size leather bed lol
anyway in July 2009 i had a miscarriage but didn't even now i was pregnant as i was only 4 weeks but it still affected us both badly.
anyway does it sound to you guy's he's dragging his feet on this? or should i just give him more time?

my reason's for wanting to get married?
he's the love of my life my rock, best friend & lover all in one i couldn't survive without him.
he's a real gent, very loving and caring,
we have loads in common its unreal the amount we have i common,
id  be so proud to become kiers wife,
we'd have the same surname,
if we have children we'd all have the name which id love,
i Love spending 24/7 with him so does he,
id feel more secure being his wife.
starting a family with 1 or 2 children,
we are truly made for each other like soul mates were so perfect together always have been,
then there's the added bonus of a wedding ring oh and the romantic beach wedding we've always said that's how we'd want to get married,plus theres many more reasons.

If you have any advice please leave me comment let me know what you think? will he ever marry me?
also any help on conceiving would be fantastic. please let me know if you have and tips or any help at all id be so grateful to here from guy's.

BYE 4 now peeps goodnight sweet dreams.


More jelly letter sweet treats which me n my fiance made into little love note's, i know he's so sweet just like our sweet treats only he tastes n looks much better lol.
please leave comments let me know what you lovely's think and i'll try ad respond back to everyone.
how sweet are these?

ohhh how sweet my Kier is, all i need now is marride proposal,
 fingers crossed i wont have to wait to long as i really want
us to have baby's soon im so broody,
so Kier if your reading this thats my way of hinting lol.

Another from me after all he's the love my life.

Bye for now my lovely's xxx


Just a quick post to show you guy's my little guilty pleasure in life " SWEET'S " but how cute does these pictures look for the sake of a few minutes to make...
cara loves kier xx with jelly letter sweets lol.
sorry it wont let me add more pic's so ill do it in a new post, sorry about that lovely's.
Bye 4 now cara xxx

simple outfit post

Well its been a while since i posted an outfit for my lovely blogger mates, anyway just a short post but don't worry ill be doing many more very soon plus my new camera so they'll be lots more outfits well once I've worked out how 2 use my new cam, I'm hoping it arrives Monday or Tuesday, i may even do a little review let you guy's know what its like.
please don't forget 2 comment on my blog / outfits i always try 2 respond 2 all comments.

Sorry about the quality but these were done on my mobile which isn't to good.

bye my lovelies 4 now xxB

Friday, 15 October 2010

Im Back - yeay

Sorry for the lack of post's things have just been a little crazy for me lately, I haven''t been feeling very well i think Ive had some kind of flu bug with plenty of headaches and feeling tired alot but im ok now ( touch wood ). Ive also been taking care of my granda who wasn't feeling so well.
Wedensday was the first time i got to go shopping in over a week which is a long time for me so me and my grandma ended up going to darlington which is around an hour on the bus from my house and i get really bad travel sickness on buses so i was looking pretty green when we got there lol, we did go to a lovely resturant for lunch then onto the shops which cheered us both up. I ended up buying two long chunky boyfriend cardigans in black and charcoal so i'll be wearing them lots now its starting to get cold, i also bought a long black round neck jumper with a parrot on the front its super cute and was in the sale so i only paid £10, then i ended up buying some new black brouges from primark which were only £8 so i had to have them then i wore them today and couldn't belive how comfy they were so i'll be wearing them more now aswell. i also bought lots of new under wear but i wont go there lol, while i was in primark i couldn't resist the jewellery so bought loads of those plus theyr'e just so cheap it would be illegal not to buy any. I did look for some purple and red leather driving gloves but they were all to big on my fingers so i didn't get those. Ive also been wanting so new everyday comfy ankle boots because all the ones ive got are huge with 5 & 6 inch heels so end up killing my feet after a few hours, anyway i tried a load on but wasn't really 100% about any so didn't buy them then yesterday i was looking on ebay and found some so when they arrive ill take some photos if i like the fit of them im keeping my fingers crossed.
well now im feeling better i'll start taking some outfit pic's and hopefully post them very soon.
Bye for now my lovely bloggies. x

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

New Shift Dress

Well this is the first time I've worn this shift dress (well to go out anyway) so i thought id take a quick photo so i could show you guys what it looks like on well i just need to add tights and ankle boots.
please excuse the photo's as i hadn't finished getting ready plus id slept in so i was really rushing and i really cannot stand rushing around while I'm getting ready it makes me feel awful and i always end up forgetting something, which is usually something i end up needing like my cash, phone, lip gloss it could be anything.

Cardigan - £10 Primark
Shift Dress - £12 Ebay shop
Owl Necklace £2:50 Primark
Flower Clip - £1:79 local shop

natural looking make up.

Dont forget to leave me a comment letting me know what you think.

Bye for now my lovely blog friends xoxo

Saturday, 2 October 2010

15 Interesting facts about me:

So I've just found this interesting post on a couple of blogs and thought id also share some facts about me with you guy's.
A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself:

Me and my fiance have been together 7 years, were best friends and do every thing together.

I'm a huge shopaholic, i love buying shoes and currently have 44 pairs, most of my shoes have 5" heel's.

I'm the worst sleeper in the world, some nights i don't even bother going to bed.

I have a sweet tooth & love white chocolate magnums/ and galaxy chocolate and kids sweets.

I hate moths, spiders and other crawlies.

My dream job would be a doctor or drug councilor

I talk way to much, i could talk a glass eye to sleep.

I don't really drink alchol much but if i do my favourite drink is vodka & coke.

I love watching dvd's with a bag of sweets & lots of chocolate.

I really enjoy cooking and baking.

My favourite food/s is spaghetti bolognaise and Shepard's pie.

I drink lots of tea and i hate coffee.

I'm really close with my family who i see all the time and couldn't live without.

Me and Kier both have each others name's tattooed on us which looks really sweet.

I love crafts, i also design & make jewellery.

bye for now x

Friday, 1 October 2010

Lost My Head

Well i thought id share a quick picture of yesterdays outfit, i wasn't going anywhere special just a normal day shopping and to the dentist with my fiance, the weather wasn't to bad so i ended up wearing my navy blue blazer with a striped dress some black tights and my new black suede peeptoe studded shoes, i know you can't see my make up in this photo but i left it very natural looking with no foundation just some mascara and lip gloss. I didn't take the photo until I'd got back home so by then my hair was a mess so i thought I'd crop the photo so you can't see my messy hair. I did tell you all not to long ago how I'm planning on having a new image overhaul I'm changing my hair colour and I'm going to start wearing fake eye lashes and i might even buy some hair extension, I'm even going to change my make up slightly so I'll be adding some photos very soon of my new look.