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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

yeay im finally starting 2 loose weight n abt time 2 lol

Awhile back i told you id put 3 stone on and most of my clothes no longer fit i was absolutely devastated when i got weight at my doctors n told me id gained 3 stone in only a few months, but I'm now pleased to be able to share my good news with you I've lost over a stone in the last 5 weeks, as most of you will know when you put weight on you don't feel comfortable or sexy about yourself and the last thing i want is to post pictures on my blog, but as soon as i loose a little more weight ill start posting more outfit pictures and hopefully this shouldn't take to long as I'm still jogging and cutting down on sweet treats Ive also stopped eating late at night....
Fingers crossed ill have some new outfit pic's up on here very soon...

love to you all xxx

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