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Thursday, 5 May 2011


Sorry for the lack of outfit posts but i bought a new camera not so long ago, i didn't even read the instructions now I've gone n messed about with it so I've broken some thing but its been sent away to the shop i brought it from as its under guarantee so I'm hoping i get it back in the next week so i can post some outfit posts as I've been buying some cute summer outfits and can't wait to show you guys n can let me know what you think by leaving me comments as i love hearing from you lot it really does mean alot to me..
also since my last outfit post I've lost over a stone in weight and I've also had my hair cut shoulder length and had it dyed recently so i can't wait to show you my new look, at first i hated my hair as I've always had very long hair down to my bum for as long as i can remember so it was a huge shock but I've gotta admit I'm starting to get used to it. once i can put a picture up of my new hair style so you can let me know what you lot think as i love reading your comments and always reply to them..
please bare with me while my camera's getting sorted and once i get it back ill try to do an outfit post everyday.

lots of love n hugs my fab followers xx

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