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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Im getting married

Well i just thought id let you all know my fiance Kier has finally asked me to marry him and of course i said YES.
We've been together now for 8 years 6 months 4 weeks and 2 days we've decided to get married on September 28th 2012 as its also the date we got together so it will be 9 years the day we get married.
Ive been hoping and praying for a very long time now so my dreams have come true, i feel truly blessed to be marrying such a great man who loves me dearly.
we've always said we'd get married one day but now its really happening its fantastic.
we are only going to have a really small and intimate wedding at a registrar's office then afterwards a nice meal with our family and close friends which will be so nice to have all of our loved ones sharing our day with us then we are going straight to the airport to go away on our honeymoon we haven't decided where we are going yet but as long as were together ill go anywhere just about i cant wait I'm so excited its unreal.
I still don't have all the details sorted out yet as Ive still got a few months but I'm really lucky that mine and Kiers family are going to be helping us out with everything.
Here's a couple of photos of the type of dress i want to wear.
This is a stunning simple but elegant ivory Grecian style wedding dress i really love this one so much .

I really like this cream/ivory Grecian style maxi dress as well but the 1st is still my favourite up to now.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

some seriously good looking arm candy,

well I'm going to buy another bag this weekend, so thought id check Ebay and I've ended up finding loads of fab bags that id love to buy but i cant, i really can only buy one so now its just the small case of which to choose.

15.99 tote bag

only 9.86

pink tote 9.99

celeb style, studded bottom 16.99
Think ill end up buying either 1st bag or the black studded one still haven't decided

shoe wish list

well ive been browsing for that 40minutes and ive found some beautiful things id like to buy but anyway heres my shoe wish list.
still not sure about these 39.99

chelsea boots brown n green 34.99 or 39.99 i cant remember sorry

cross over red n blue wedge i love these. 27.99

these are in the sale i think these ones are 37.99
love these more than the boots k these are 24.99

cute pink n silver toecap flats 17.99

these are a chunky ankle boot cant remember price
let me know which you like the best.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

New Jewellery Items, a quick peek

as promised here's a couple of photos of the jewellery Ive made over the last couple of days. I really enjoy making new pieces using different types of beads and findings, i do normally stick to using semi precious stones and lampwork as i love using both.
Earrings are sterling silver with 10mm glass pink hearts
  bracelet with silver toggle clasp using 6mm and 8mm rondells and rounds with small silver spacer beads.

This is just a very simple 22inch sterling silver chain with a large square semi precious stone pendant i think its 15mm by 15mm can't remember so will have to measure before it goes on my website for sale.
Another sterling silver toggle clasp bracelet made with pearls and assorted glass beads and small Swarovski crystals as spacer beads.
My websites nearly finished being designed now aswell so im hoping to put these items on ready for sale within the next couple of days, ill you all know once its sorted.


Well thought id share a photo of the shoes I've just ordered and cant wait for them to be delivered, I've ordered the red ones for myself but there is black and mustard to choose from they look seriously comfy but cute as well so I'm looking forward to wearing them with my skinny jeans. ill post a picture when they arrive with my outfit so you can see them better.
Wedge ankle boots in RED