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Wednesday, 30 May 2012


As you know it's the Queen's diamond jubilee, so we get an extra bank holiday which is always good.
Ive just been looking on Ebay and found some great union jack items, i think ill by the platform shoes and maxi dress for myself as ive already got a union jack hand bag.
Hope you enjoy.

maxi dress 16.99

ive seen these for around 20 pounds

dress by religion bidding is up to 37 pounds


14.99 + 3.99 delivery

these are 27.99.
 i love them so ill have to buy these babys

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WEDDING DRESS PIC'S which do i choose

Every week my plan's change for my upcoming wedding, don't get me wrong I'm no bridezilla but i do keep changing my mind on the types of wedding dresses i like. Here's a few pictures of the ones I'm in love with at the moment and hopefully i wont change my mind yet again.
Please give me some feedback in the comments let me know which you like best or dont like.
Cara xoxo

Monday, 14 May 2012

New Jewellery Item's

well i thought i'd show you a couple of piece's of jewellery ive made over the past couple of day's.
please feel free to leave me comment's and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

May's wish list

Here's some items I've picked out for my May's wish list i don't think ill be able to buy everything but I'm buying the dress colour block wedges and the oversized cream bag, all from river island.

here's the website link 

colour block wedge 50.00 pounds

dress 30 pounds
 black studded mini skirt 20.00

black n white wedge 60.00 pounds

over sized cream padlock bag 50.00 pound
cream jacket 55.00 pound

beige stripe waffle jumper 30.00

song of the day

Here's my song of the day
The Motto by, Drake ft lil Wayne n Tyga

my dream turned into a nightmare

As you already know i make and design my own jewellery which i sell to friends and family plus I've sold some on etsy and eBay, 
I'm going to start selling all my unique pieces of jewellery on my website when its finally up and running, to be honest i thought id of had it done by now but its taking a lot longer than i expected, its starting to become a nightmare instead of a dream.
Ill keep you all updated on the progress and hopefully it will be finally sorted out within the next week or two fingers crossed.
ill keep you all posted on the progress so you can come check it out let me know what you think of the designs etc and maybe buy a special piece or enter my free give aways which ill be doing the 1st week the website's up and running.
Cara x

more new shoes

I know I'm addicted to buying shoes and boots i just can't help myself when i see a fabulous pair i always end up buying them then regretting it later as i usually leave myself sort of money which is a stupid thing to do.
anyway here's my latest additions to my growing collection. let me know what you think in the comments section,
Thank you
these beauties only cost me 35 pounds so i think i got myself  a bargain with these.