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Saturday, 22 June 2013

my new stuff this week.

Ive already got this in cream and love it so ive ended up buying the black top which only ended up costing me 6pounds from Ebay so its a bargain and my cream top has washed really well every time. I plan on wearing it with black skinny jeans and my new leopard print wedges which im totally in love with, anyway when it gets here in the post which usually takes around 3 weeks ill be adding some outfit photos.Ive wanted this for ages from Ebay, so ive finally treated myself and bought it and im really happy with it i can't wait to use it now. im still waiting for my new camera to be delivered but when it arrives ill be adding regular pictures of my new purchases and outfit of the day posts.

please feel free to leave me a comment and ill always reply when possible and publish them to my blog,
Ill also check out your blog if you leave me the details.
cara xoxo



nice :)

Zilmy Vazquez said...

I am subscribed to your blog for so many years now. Would you please give me your opinion of my last blog post?

Thank you and dont forget to subscribe!