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Wednesday, 30 March 2016


I'm Back My lovely's

I know Ive said this all before but this time I'm sticking around.I'm not going to give details right now about my personal life but i when feel strong enough to take about it you lovely people will be the first to know.

Anyway lets get to some ideas and things id like to on here but only if you'd want to.
here's few things I'm wanting to start doing asap
OFOTD pictures, make up reviews, favourite music of the month videos/ artist. tags about myself, products i couldn't live also like offer advise about love. relationships, make ups / break ups weight issues but there's loads of topics i could try to help with. I'm also thinking about a youtube account i can post videos on but I'm still really scared about this so ill have to think it over more.

If you would like me to add extra blog posts on which ever subject i haven't already talked about please leave comment let me know I'm willing to try my best and hopefully you'll enjoy this blog.

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