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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Just a little something

I've been looking for a few new bits for a while now but I've changed so much recently and I'll now only buy things that i know ill definitely wear over the next few weeks or at least till this chappy weather gets better i mainly just got essentials like long sleeve top shirts and jeans which i absolutely love the fit is perfect and that's not the case normally. I also ended up getting a cheap pair of white voi plimsolls they're really comfy.
I got 3 really nice jumpers off Ebay aswell I've got pic's in my phone as i was hoping to show you them but I'm just getting an error message so I will try adding them another time.
I've also got a couple of make up reviews to share with you guys. I'll be able to post more regular now. Thank you to everyone who's stuck by me it really means so much. xoxo

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