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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Amazing Nail Art

I've been having a go at doing some nail art for a while now, It's amazing some of the designs I've came across online so i thought I'd post some pictures for you you never know it might even give you inspiration to have a go yourself. To me it's not about being the best artist as I'm certainly no Picasso but i do find it really fun and if i don't like something I've done i just get the nail Polish remover out and try another design.
I do not own these photos and they're not my designs but still here's some pictures for you to look at.
These are the nail polish pens i buy from ebay they don't cost to much and they're super easy to use. 
I love these as there more of a simple but wearable look and i have done similar designs quite a few times now myself, 

These are another fun design and look really good. 
Wow i love the Beatles so how could i not love these, i think I'm going to try and do this style myself not sure if mine will look as good as these though. 

Another nice look plus i haven't seen anything like this. 

I'm not sure how long these would last but they look really cool. 

I love how these are more simple looking as not every nail is the same. 
I love this simple style plus it's easier to pull of on a normal daily basis. 
I've tried doing similar nails to these a while back and i got loads of people commenting on how cool they were plus they were really easy to do. 

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