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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Designer Handbags

Truth be told I'm not the sort of person who spends or can spend hundreds of pounds on designer handbags, I honestly cannot afford to like most people as they're just so expensive and to just go out and spend huge amounts of money on a handbag would break my heart I'd feel so guilty as there's so many other things i could buy with that kind of money.But I can still look and dream or hope to find a great deal or sale.
I do love some of the classic handbag styles and i do need a new bag I'm just not sure if ill be spending this much, here's some I've been looking at and dreaming about. plus I'm more of a shoe girl anyway.
Here's some pictures which do you think is the best.
I think I'm in love, I just love the classic style and shape of this bag i think the colour is great and at first i wasn't sure about the colour but after sitting looking at it for ages i absolutely love every thing about this bag, I just need to start saving now and hopefully find it in the sale somewhere, I'll dream about it for now though. 

I feel like this could be used more than most as it should look good with most outfits. 

I love this classic box type shape handbag the colour is amazing. 

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