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Saturday, 2 April 2016

These Transformations Are my INSPIRATION.

Wow I've noticed that geordie shores holly hagen charlotte Crosby and vicky Pattinson all look so different from when we first set eyes on them years ago I'm not sure when geordie shore first came on tv but i do know it's a good while it feels even longer to me. They all equally are beautiful women but they all must have worked so hard to get those bodies they now have and i really think they look beautiful don't get me wrong they've probably had help when it comes to fitness make up and styling and I'm not sure which have admitted surgery rumours but i reckon at some point they have had surgery but I'm the sort of person who thinks if that there's something you can change and it helps with confidence then that's up to them we shouldn't judge others. I'm currently cutting back myself as i want to loose another stone in weight as I'm not happy with my own body at the moment.
Here's a couple of pictures of the GS girls.
Charlotte Crosby 


Vicky Pattinson 

Holly Hagen 


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