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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Micro Tattoos

I do have a tattoo on my hip it's really small and cute i love it but I got mine done around 8 years ago when i was at Blackpool, but over the last year or so I've been telling myself i need a new one but i was thinking about getting a foot tattoo so when I've got my heels on my inking would be on show but ever since looking for design ideas and good artists i came across some small micro tattoos that i really liked well truthfully I've fallen in love with them so since finding these pictures im  hooked.
I won't get anything done until I'm 100% happy with everything, I don't want to ever regret it so I'll look into it more before i decide but ill keep you updated. 
The last thing id want to do is end up bad ink work then Down the line having to spend a fortune getting it removed plus I've heard it's so painful it's like burning your skin to get the ink removed. I've heard some real horror stories So I would really like to stress how important it is to do your homework / research before getting any type of tattoo please think about this if you are considering any type of inkings done remember they are supposed to be there for ever so think carefully about design, colour, placement just look into everything. 
here's some pic's i came across and wanted to share with you. 
Let me know your ideas /views or if you have a good design idea for me let me know I'd love to hear what you guys think. 

this is more or less the size I'm thinking about getting for myself i love small detailed micro tattoos I'm still not a hundred percent on placement and design and until i am I'll not be getting inked at all. I wouldn't want the same design either as i like to have something know one else has. 

Look at the detail that's gone into this small tattoo. 

I know this isn't a small tattoo but i wanted to add it anyway as i just think she looks so cool but I'd be to scared to ever have this many. 

I'm not sure this is real it looks to real looking to be real if you know what i mean but if it is real wow it's amazing.

Leave me a comment let me know your thoughts.

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