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Monday, 2 May 2016

Disaster DYE

So last week I thought I'd change my hair colour from Brown to blonde i ended up buying 2 boxes of the live xxl in number 02 i think it was. I really like having blonde hair in the summer then i normally go darker in the winter time.
I'm really gutted the way it's worked out this time as I've done my hair loads of times at home but normally i only use the nice and easy dye, my hair just didn't take to it but I swear my hair is the thickest hair ever even the hair dresses have told me that my hair is the thickest hair they've ever worked on, plus it always costs me more money as it takes so long to get done.
I know this isn't a good picture of me and I'm not wearing any makeup I know but i just wanted to share it anyway so to the HATERS out there if you have nothing good to say just say nothing.

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