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Friday, 6 May 2016

MY Fake tan ROUTINE.

Now the weathers getting better and summers just around the corner i need to step up my beauty and fake tan routines so when I'm wearing shorts or a sexy dress i can hide my milk bottle legs and believe me when i say milk bottles, my legs are so white there nearly transparent,  i know there's tons of fake tan routines and tutorials out there but i still wanted to share my routine with you and I'll add some of the products im currently using,
I've used so many different brands of fake tan on and off over the years I've lost count how many I've tried but if i buy a new bottle that i like then i do tend to get it again but only if i really like it, like the bondi Sands in dark i keep buying that.
I really like to use the mouse as I find it easier to use its less messy.
For My fake tan preparation, 1st thing i do is go in the shower normally morning time i shave my legs etc i exfoliate my whole body which is really important i put a small amount of moisturiser on mainly knees elbows just so i don't get dark spots I don't tan straight away i normally do it at night.
I just pump the bottle  2 /3 on to my tanning mitt, everyone's different but i start on my legs and work my way up, anyway i just pat mouse from the mitt then i just do a gentle circular movement to blend it all in once my whole legs are done I turn the mitt over and just buff away any products left over or looks uneven. I do the same thing to the rest of my body, when it comes to my face i don't put any extra mouse on the mitt my mitt buy this point is pretty full of product so i just rub my face but i don't really like my face to be really tanned anyway but everyone's different. My tan normally looks good for 5/6 if I'm lucky i do put body butter on everyday I'm not sure if it does help but i like it anyway.
The brand I used this time was called Expose summer bronze it's the first time I've used it and to be honest I really liked it i might get another bottle for when i run out. I'm  thinking about buying a spray tan machine ill have to look into those more ill keep you posted.

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