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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Skin routine

I just wanted to share my thoughts on my new skin care routine
First of all i need to say my skin isn't to bad it gets dry sometimes mainly in the winter also I'm pretty lucky when it comes to spots and breakouts, not to say i never get them it just doesn't happen very often to me.
So when i wake up i normally splash my face with hot water then use a gentle face wash any brand i had at the time well that was until i found the garnier clean daily exfoliator ever since finding this product and falling in love with it I've used it every morning religiously,.
It smells really nice you only need a small amount i mainly focus on the t zone. Some exfoliators can be rough on my skin but this one isn't, infact my skin has never felt as clean as it does now. I forgot to mention before after I'm finished washing my face with hot water i always splash cold water on my face as I've heard hot water opens skin pores then the cold water closes pores which means no dirt can get in your pores then i just pat it dry with a soft towel.
I'd recommend anyone who wants to have super clean feeling skin to give this ago.

I have also ordered one of these as a couple of people have told me that they clean your face really good,
I'll probably use it twice a week once it arrives.
I didn't buy an expensive one so ill just have to try it out for myself. 

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