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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Not so sure about this one.

A couple of weeks ago i ordered a white jumper from eBay. The jumper got delivered on Friday but after trying it on im pretty gutted with the way it fits well it's the neck what just doesn't seem to sit right and i can't seem to get away with it, I didn't pay much luckily so that's good atleast. I going to contact the seller today and see if I can send it back to them and get a refund. I do love the jumper i just hate the way it sits around my neck.
This is the jumper (pic)

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Love the selfie

I bought a top about 2/3 weeks ago now and it got delivered on Monday i didn't pay much money for it so i wasn't sure how good the quality would be,
I absolutely love everything about it and can't wait to wear it.
I ordered a large as the eBay sellers size chart said a large was a UK12 and it fits me perfectly im so happy with the quality of it aswell it's thinner than i thought it might be but im actually really happy that it's not so thick and heavy as the weather is starting to get warmer.

Here's a pic

More bargains

I've been buying some great bargains recently mainly from eBay so i thought I'd share a few pic's to show you some items I've bought. Some have been delivered and some I'm still waiting for. The only downside is some items do take 2/3 weeks to arrive as they're coming from Hong Kong and China but really i can't complain as the prices are amazing.

As you can see this is NOT me in the pictures i had to copy them so i could show you the things i bought.
I ended up buying this in 2 colours i think they will look really nice with jeans 

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Designer Handbags

Truth be told I'm not the sort of person who spends or can spend hundreds of pounds on designer handbags, I honestly cannot afford to like most people as they're just so expensive and to just go out and spend huge amounts of money on a handbag would break my heart I'd feel so guilty as there's so many other things i could buy with that kind of money.But I can still look and dream or hope to find a great deal or sale.
I do love some of the classic handbag styles and i do need a new bag I'm just not sure if ill be spending this much, here's some I've been looking at and dreaming about. plus I'm more of a shoe girl anyway.
Here's some pictures which do you think is the best.
I think I'm in love, I just love the classic style and shape of this bag i think the colour is great and at first i wasn't sure about the colour but after sitting looking at it for ages i absolutely love every thing about this bag, I just need to start saving now and hopefully find it in the sale somewhere, I'll dream about it for now though. 

I feel like this could be used more than most as it should look good with most outfits. 

I love this classic box type shape handbag the colour is amazing. 

Amazing Nail Art

I've been having a go at doing some nail art for a while now, It's amazing some of the designs I've came across online so i thought I'd post some pictures for you you never know it might even give you inspiration to have a go yourself. To me it's not about being the best artist as I'm certainly no Picasso but i do find it really fun and if i don't like something I've done i just get the nail Polish remover out and try another design.
I do not own these photos and they're not my designs but still here's some pictures for you to look at.
These are the nail polish pens i buy from ebay they don't cost to much and they're super easy to use. 
I love these as there more of a simple but wearable look and i have done similar designs quite a few times now myself, 

These are another fun design and look really good. 
Wow i love the Beatles so how could i not love these, i think I'm going to try and do this style myself not sure if mine will look as good as these though. 

Another nice look plus i haven't seen anything like this. 

I'm not sure how long these would last but they look really cool. 

I love how these are more simple looking as not every nail is the same. 
I love this simple style plus it's easier to pull of on a normal daily basis. 
I've tried doing similar nails to these a while back and i got loads of people commenting on how cool they were plus they were really easy to do. 

These Transformations Are my INSPIRATION.

Wow I've noticed that geordie shores holly hagen charlotte Crosby and vicky Pattinson all look so different from when we first set eyes on them years ago I'm not sure when geordie shore first came on tv but i do know it's a good while it feels even longer to me. They all equally are beautiful women but they all must have worked so hard to get those bodies they now have and i really think they look beautiful don't get me wrong they've probably had help when it comes to fitness make up and styling and I'm not sure which have admitted surgery rumours but i reckon at some point they have had surgery but I'm the sort of person who thinks if that there's something you can change and it helps with confidence then that's up to them we shouldn't judge others. I'm currently cutting back myself as i want to loose another stone in weight as I'm not happy with my own body at the moment.
Here's a couple of pictures of the GS girls.
Charlotte Crosby 


Vicky Pattinson 

Holly Hagen 


Friday, 1 April 2016

Nike air, Running shoes

The last 3 pairs of trainers I've had have all been Adidas superstars as i find they look really good with jeans as well as work out clothes but in the past I've had many pairs of Nike air max 90s the old classic style which are my all time Nike favourites I'm going buy a new pair of trainers in a couple of days I'm still not sure which ones but i have found some really nice ones, here's a few pic's, which do you like the best.

Amazing make up looks

So I've just been looking for some new make up looks online for the spring / summer time I'm really not a huge make up type of person i normally stick to the basics wearing the same things everyday and to be honest I'm pretty boring and like most people I'm scared of wearing bright colours plus i think some people suit it some don't and i don't, But when it comes to make up and trying new looks I sometimes do wish i had more confidence and at least try it but i just never do.
Here's some amazing makeup pictures I found online,  I'm not saying you should do these looks or change your make up. In my opinion they all are amazing and they all look beautiful I'm not sure where you could wear these looks but hey they do look great. Take a look for yourself. xoxo