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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Paperself fake eyelashes

Came across these amazing fake eyelashes and had to share they all look absolutely amazing. But their not something i could ever pull off myself.
They were around £12 a pair but there was some cheaper ones, i know they aren't cheap especially being that they're made of paper but they are cool.
If you would like them Google paperself eyelashes there's plenty of links.
Could you wear these.  check these out

Skin routine

I just wanted to share my thoughts on my new skin care routine
First of all i need to say my skin isn't to bad it gets dry sometimes mainly in the winter also I'm pretty lucky when it comes to spots and breakouts, not to say i never get them it just doesn't happen very often to me.
So when i wake up i normally splash my face with hot water then use a gentle face wash any brand i had at the time well that was until i found the garnier clean daily exfoliator ever since finding this product and falling in love with it I've used it every morning religiously,.
It smells really nice you only need a small amount i mainly focus on the t zone. Some exfoliators can be rough on my skin but this one isn't, infact my skin has never felt as clean as it does now. I forgot to mention before after I'm finished washing my face with hot water i always splash cold water on my face as I've heard hot water opens skin pores then the cold water closes pores which means no dirt can get in your pores then i just pat it dry with a soft towel.
I'd recommend anyone who wants to have super clean feeling skin to give this ago.

I have also ordered one of these as a couple of people have told me that they clean your face really good,
I'll probably use it twice a week once it arrives.
I didn't buy an expensive one so ill just have to try it out for myself. 

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Love my new baby palette

At the weekend I had to go out and buy a new makeup palette as I'd started to run out of some of my favourite colours. when I buy make-up palettes I tend to just buy the neutral colours, I'm not really a fan of those Crazy bright coloured palettes plus I'd never be brave enough to wear super bright colours. In the end I narrow it down to 3 pallets but as i could only buy one as we all know they aren't cheap.This is my first ever urban decay palette it's called naked 2 I'm not sure how it compares to the naked 1 palette as i haven't had that one but i did nearly buy the number 1 but now I'm so glad i got this one i love all the colours theres plenty of pigment and i haven't had to much fall out which is always a bonus.  
I only bought this Saturday so haven't used ever colour so can't do a full review. 

So here's my new baby. 

How many does a person really need.

Honestly i really don't have that many makeup brushes myself i think I've probably got around 14 but i don't use them all I'd say i use 3 / 4 maximum a day and after watching lots of YouTube videos I just cannot believe how many some of those girls have or why a person would need that many makeup brushes and from what I've seen some of the beauty girls have i mean come on let's be honest there's no way any one person needs hundreds of brushes. I do understand that makeup artists or video gurus will need more than the average person as it's their job.
Brushes of decent quality don't come cheap sometimes way to expensive.

So here's my questions to you.
1 - How many brushes do you think the average person needs, NOT makeup artists or YouTube video gurus.
2 - How many brushes do you have that you use daily.

Please leave me a comment as I'd love to hear other people's thoughts on this,  just in case I'm wrong and we do after all need a hundred or so brushes but i highly doubt it.

Friday, 6 May 2016

MY Fake tan ROUTINE.

Now the weathers getting better and summers just around the corner i need to step up my beauty and fake tan routines so when I'm wearing shorts or a sexy dress i can hide my milk bottle legs and believe me when i say milk bottles, my legs are so white there nearly transparent,  i know there's tons of fake tan routines and tutorials out there but i still wanted to share my routine with you and I'll add some of the products im currently using,
I've used so many different brands of fake tan on and off over the years I've lost count how many I've tried but if i buy a new bottle that i like then i do tend to get it again but only if i really like it, like the bondi Sands in dark i keep buying that.
I really like to use the mouse as I find it easier to use its less messy.
For My fake tan preparation, 1st thing i do is go in the shower normally morning time i shave my legs etc i exfoliate my whole body which is really important i put a small amount of moisturiser on mainly knees elbows just so i don't get dark spots I don't tan straight away i normally do it at night.
I just pump the bottle  2 /3 on to my tanning mitt, everyone's different but i start on my legs and work my way up, anyway i just pat mouse from the mitt then i just do a gentle circular movement to blend it all in once my whole legs are done I turn the mitt over and just buff away any products left over or looks uneven. I do the same thing to the rest of my body, when it comes to my face i don't put any extra mouse on the mitt my mitt buy this point is pretty full of product so i just rub my face but i don't really like my face to be really tanned anyway but everyone's different. My tan normally looks good for 5/6 if I'm lucky i do put body butter on everyday I'm not sure if it does help but i like it anyway.
The brand I used this time was called Expose summer bronze it's the first time I've used it and to be honest I really liked it i might get another bottle for when i run out. I'm  thinking about buying a spray tan machine ill have to look into those more ill keep you posted.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Micro Tattoos

I do have a tattoo on my hip it's really small and cute i love it but I got mine done around 8 years ago when i was at Blackpool, but over the last year or so I've been telling myself i need a new one but i was thinking about getting a foot tattoo so when I've got my heels on my inking would be on show but ever since looking for design ideas and good artists i came across some small micro tattoos that i really liked well truthfully I've fallen in love with them so since finding these pictures im  hooked.
I won't get anything done until I'm 100% happy with everything, I don't want to ever regret it so I'll look into it more before i decide but ill keep you updated. 
The last thing id want to do is end up bad ink work then Down the line having to spend a fortune getting it removed plus I've heard it's so painful it's like burning your skin to get the ink removed. I've heard some real horror stories So I would really like to stress how important it is to do your homework / research before getting any type of tattoo please think about this if you are considering any type of inkings done remember they are supposed to be there for ever so think carefully about design, colour, placement just look into everything. 
here's some pic's i came across and wanted to share with you. 
Let me know your ideas /views or if you have a good design idea for me let me know I'd love to hear what you guys think. 

this is more or less the size I'm thinking about getting for myself i love small detailed micro tattoos I'm still not a hundred percent on placement and design and until i am I'll not be getting inked at all. I wouldn't want the same design either as i like to have something know one else has. 

Look at the detail that's gone into this small tattoo. 

I know this isn't a small tattoo but i wanted to add it anyway as i just think she looks so cool but I'd be to scared to ever have this many. 

I'm not sure this is real it looks to real looking to be real if you know what i mean but if it is real wow it's amazing.

Leave me a comment let me know your thoughts.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Disaster DYE

So last week I thought I'd change my hair colour from Brown to blonde i ended up buying 2 boxes of the live xxl in number 02 i think it was. I really like having blonde hair in the summer then i normally go darker in the winter time.
I'm really gutted the way it's worked out this time as I've done my hair loads of times at home but normally i only use the nice and easy dye, my hair just didn't take to it but I swear my hair is the thickest hair ever even the hair dresses have told me that my hair is the thickest hair they've ever worked on, plus it always costs me more money as it takes so long to get done.
I know this isn't a good picture of me and I'm not wearing any makeup I know but i just wanted to share it anyway so to the HATERS out there if you have nothing good to say just say nothing.

I've got my eye on you...

At the moment I'm going through a huge tattoo faze it seems every where I look I see them and it's not making it any easier as the more i see them the more i want another tattoo myself, I've only got 1 tattoo which is my fiances name it's not a big one though I've had it around 10 years now and I can honestly say I still love it and haven't regretted it once mines placed just above my knickers strap and I on my hip my fiance also only has the one tattoo and that's my name. I got mine the day before him and it didn't hurt in the slightest but he said his had a burning feeling whilst getting his.
Anyway I'm still not sure what design I'll go for but I'm either thinking of getting my foot or just a small finger tattoo, not sure if and when I will get it done but I'll let you know when I do.
Here's a couple of pics that caught my eye LOL
They do not belong to me and I'm not saying everyone should rush out and get tattooed remember they're suppose to be for life and I've heard it hurts like hell getting them removed and it ain't cheap so please think long and hard before getting inked.