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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Updated Questions and Answers

A quick questions and answers post i haven't done one for ages so here's a update.
What would your answers to these questions be?

( Q ) handbags or shoes
( A) Shoes (Always)

Q heel or flats
A i love wearing heels but I do wear flats sometimes.

Q current favourite perfume
A burberry weekend

Q what makeup can't you live without
A mascara is a must have for me.

Q BB cream or CC cream
A i mainly use BB cream but i have tried the CC creams before.

Q do you use fake tan
A i love a good spray tan i think it just makes me look so much better even healthier i even convince myself that my legs look skinnier.

Q favourite music at the moment
A I'm loving 21 pilots at the moment, but i do listen to lots of music i can't imagine living without music i think the world would be boring without music.

Q favourite celebrity
A I've got more than 1 i really like khloe kardashian and kendall jenner i like lots though.

Q celebrity style crush

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