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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Updated Questions and Answers

A quick questions and answers post. i haven't done one for ages so here's a update.
What would your answers to these questions be?

( Q ) handbags or shoes
 A) Shoes (Always)

Q. heel or flats
A. i love wearing heels but I do wear flats sometimes.

Q current favourite perfume
A burberry weekend

Q what makeup can't you live without
A mascara is a must have for me.

Q BB cream or CC cream
A i mainly use BB cream but i have tried the CC creams before.

Q do you use fake tan
A i love a good spray tan i think it just makes me look so much better even healthier i even convince myself that my legs look skinnier.

Q. favourite music at the moment
A, this is a tough one for me as i love al types of music and it comes down to the mood im in.

Q. Which body part would you change
A. for me this would have to be my legs, id like them slimmer and re toned.I've got a real bad complex about my leg's.

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